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We have plans designed with the interest of every working individual who desires to have a save on tax and a stable source of income at retirement or wants to ensure the future of their family.

Our Plans

At AIICO Insurance, we have all sorts of plans for various events to cater for your needs and the needs of our other clients. Helping you and them make informed life decisions that helps secure the future.

Annuity Plan

AIICO Annuity plan is a policy taken by an insured for the purpose of getting regular income at retirement.

Flexible Endowment Plan (FEP)

This is an insurance plan that combines protection against any eventuality with investment. The payment of the sum assured is in three installments of 25%, 25%, and 100% at 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3 (maturity) of the policy respectively.

Term life insurance

This is a vital way to financially protect your loved ones after death. Obtaining it offers peace of mind. The sum assured is payable at the death of the life assured provided it occurs within the duration of the policy.

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